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DIAC update on ENS/RSMS Permanent Visa processing times – 4 March 2013


DIAC have recently provided updates on processing times including decision ready applications for Permanent Employer Sponsored Entry (subclass 186 and 187 visas). These are as follows:

  • Pre-1 July 2012 applications
    Parramatta Processing Centre
    ENS: All cases allocated
    RSMS: Applications received to 18 June 2012 have been allocated to a case officer

    Melbourne Processing Centre
    ENS: All cases allocated
    RSMS: Applications received to 1 April 2012 have been allocated to a case officer

    Perth Processing Centre
    ENS: Applications received to 29 June 2012 have been allocated to a case officer
    RSMS: Applications received to 7 May 2012 have been allocated to a case officer
  • Post-1 July 2012 electronically lodged applications
    Currently allocating applications received July / August 2012

Processing time service standards
Applications are still within processing time service standards as shown online.

Decision Ready cases
Applications identified as Decision Ready are being given priority, however, due to hundreds of Decision Ready applications currently in the pipeline, the processing of these could take between seven and nine months.

Grouping of cases

DIAC are attempting to manage the caseload by grouping applications by occupation (to enable case officers to develop expertise/experience in a particular area), by employers and also by agents (whose reliability in providing good applications is recognised).

DIAC had more than 30,000 applications on hand in May/June 2012. There was also a refusal rate of 15-20 percent (increased from a standard of 5-10 percent)


WARNING: New visa pricing charges from 1 July 2013

On 29 November 2011 Minister Bowen announced that a new visa fee system would be introduced “to ensure taxpayers are no longer subsidising visa applications”, and “the significant changes include the introduction of a fee for dependents of visa applicants from 1 July 2013”.

The details of the new fees for dependents are expected shortly. Please consider this if you are currently preparing a visa application and wish to include your partner.

Source: DIAC, MIA